Hey! I'm Dani Sheriff.

Like every other person in the world, I struggle with body image and self worth.

In the past, being obsessed with looking ‘the correct way’ took so much energy both physically and mentally. I had absolutely nothing to show for it.

No one was congratulating me or thanking me for the impact that my drive to be thin was having on them. I didn’t have an enjoyable social life or a menstrual cycle. Nothing.

 I lost both my time and my fertility – enter realizing I'd had hypothalamic amenorrhea for the past however many years.

So I (slowly) realized I needed to change. I started eating and resting and started to heal. I dove deeply into the research around hypothalamic amenorrhea (and became a little obsessed). With all the new time and energy I had from not obsessing about food, exercise and my body, I started The Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Podcast.

I started speaking to experts, interviewing recovery ladies and speaking to ladies who were in the middle of recovery every. single. day.

And people liked it. They started thanking me for the impact that my work was having on them. That’s when I realized I was starting to make an impact and found my calling. I then started The HA Society to find a way to help women in an even more hands on way.

Since then, I've grown a following of women who are trying to keep their periods, ensure they're healthy AND free up mental and physical space so that they can actually do the real work they were meant to be on this earth to do.

And none of it had anything to do with making myself smaller or hungry.

I live in Austin Texas with my husband and am currently pregnant with my first kiddo! Wish me luck.

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And this is Ashley Smith.

Ashley was introduced to Crossfit as a new way of pushing herself and has dieted a lot. She eventually lost her period but today, she's recovered.

Ashley and Dani we're colleagues who became friends because of their history with HA and their passion for spreading the word about it.

Ashley's specialty is in helping people develop the skills and tools needed to achieve sustainable results that fit their lifestyles so that in all seasons of life they can be successful!

She has completed certifications in nutrition and eating disorders and is ready for whatever you have to throw at her.

Ashley and her husband take tiny living to a whole new level. They sold their house and moved into the 5th wheel of their dreams.

They now live in that RV full time while her husband is back in school, she has a daughter and three sizable dogs. So wish her luck too.

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Ashley and I coach, care for and run The HA Society. If you'd like to get in contact with either of us, you can do that here:
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Dani Sheriff