The HA Society is Open!

Closes June 13th

The HA Society is a community – outside of the usual social media – where you can connect,  learn and work through hypothalamic amenorrhea with other women going through it too.

Return your missing period through the power of online community, education and team work!

All Your HA Questions Answered
When you join, you're introduced to us, Dani and Ashley, your community leaders. You can ask alllll your questions and get guidance there. Think of us as your digital HA Coaches.

Exclusive Access to Education + Resources
You'll get immediate access to all of our past event replays and early access to all of The HA Podcast episodes before they're released to the public.

Weekly Group Calls + Live Events
We have multiple live calls a week, either led by us or by an expert that we've brought in to talk, teach and guide on HA related topics.

Make connections with other HA'ers
We’re redefining what it means to be present together – online. Connect either on calls, on the message board or in the DM's with other HA'ers at a similar stage to you that have walked before you.
"I don't think I'd have had the strength to continue with recovery if it wasn't for The HA Society. It really helped speaking to women in the same position as me and knowing I wasn't alone in my thoughts." 
"I also would like to thank YOU: If I had not have come across your podcast I don't think that I would have been ready to give my all to recovery. You really helped me to open my eyes and stick to it. With this community, you created a safe place for so many women who can speak openly about their problems, thoughts, their journey."
"Working with Dani was the "push" I needed to fully embrace the all-in process and commit to recovering my period. I could not wait for our call each week, because it forced me to dig deep, think hard, and truly reflect in ways I wouldn't have been able to on my own."
"I AM STILL IN SHOCK!  I had HA/a missing period for 7 years and was consistently on birth control. After 3 weeks of working with Dani and going ALL IN, I got my first recovery period. That very next cycle, I got pregnant NATURALLY! "

The Difference

The difference between The HA Society and a multi-week hypothalamic amenorrhea recovery course is the 1:1 individualized support that you get from our coaches – and there's no end date! Stay as long as you need to get your period back.


+ 14 Day Free Trial

+ BONUSES for Joining in June

The Period Recovery Game Planner

This downloadable planner helps you create a recovery plan complete with nutrition assessment, exercise and lifestyle reviews, how to assess progress and tips for making changes along the way.

7 Day Recovery Commitment Challenge Audio

Our popular 7 Day HA Recovery Commitment Challenge is the perfect partner for your membership AND your Recovery Game Planner. Listen to a new episode every day for 7 days and commit 100% to your recovery.

Upcoming Events

A sneak peak at some of our upcoming events (not all of them are listed!)
June | What is HA Teaching You? Workshop
June | Body Image Workshop w/ Meg Doll
June | Lab Testing w/ Laura Lyons
July | Bringing Exercise Back In w/ Olivia Park
July | Relationships, Mindset, Mental Health, Self-Compassion w/ Clinical Therapist Mollie Birney

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7 Day HA Recovery Commitment Challenge

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1:1 Coaching - Start Today

Get support and weekly accountability.

Weekly 45 minute video calls to go deep on the areas where you need the most support

Accountability & all your questions answered in between calls

Access to The HA Society & early access to The HA Podcast

A plan to get your period back

Actionable strategies and tools for recovery

Move past the mental blocks that hold you back from recovery

Feel confident in your body regardless of size

A safe space to talk about your experiences

Regular deep dives into your routine and lifestyle



The HA Podcast

A binge-worthy podcast for women with hypothalamic amenorrhea.

The HA Blog

A binge-worthy blog for women with hypothalamic amenorrhea.

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