HA Recovery Mentorship

A program to help you stay recovered, return to exercise, become body literate and get pregnant

It's not just about getting a bleed. There's so much more to it.

One of the things I've become most passionate about after helping women return their periods using The HA Podcast and The HA Society is educating women on how to KEEP them.

Identifying when your cycle is healthy and when it needs troubleshooting is important to ensure that you never lose your cycle again. With the right tools, we can learn to identify our fertile window to both get pregnant and avoid pregnancy. We can see when our cycles are shifting away from optimal and we need to make lifestyle adjustments to get it back on track. We can return to exercise and even high level training by watching our cycles and reacting to them.

During this program I will work along side you to help you fully understand your cycle and reach your goals with your reproductive health.
- Dani Sheriff
The HA Recovery Mentorship teaches you how to
🩸Identify and troubleshoot problematic periods
🩸 Understand and track your cycles
🩸 Get pregnant or avoid pregnancy
🩸 Work exercise back into your life safely
🩸 Feel confident that HA is behind you

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See what others are saying

"I could not wait for our call each week, because it forced me to dig deep, think hard, and truly reflect in ways I wouldn't have been able to on my own."

"Dani's energy and wit will basically keep you laughing at all times, but her ability to genuinely listen and reflect with you is where the real magic happens."

"I felt stuck with the recovery process and I needed an extra support."

"Recovery wasn't easy, but getting pregnant didn't take long thanks to you."

"Without you bringing awareness and the support and information in the podcast, I wouldn't have got there"

"There’s no “one size fits all” recovery plan and I loved that she listened to my story and understood what areas to work on and how to improve them."

"Thanks to her assignments I’ve been and I’m still able to make a lot of progress!"

"I needed someone who I knew had been through the same thing and was essentially on the other side/pregnant."